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it must get better. it has to get better. it WILL get better. days will keep passing. months will keep passing. semesters and years and summers. time does NOT stop. My heart will never stop because it keeps beating with time. the world does not stop turning. neither will this process of growth. 

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Its funny…I can block you from everything and say I don’t care. But I still go back to your pages and wish to know how you are. I can stop you from seeing me but I can’t stop myself from seeing those songs you post and listening to them and getting them stuck in my head.

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I loved you because I wasn’t invisible with you. I am used to be the secondary friend and not the center of attention. But.with you I was important. I don’t know how to be around people. Not without you by my side and to fall back on. So now I will be alone and stay far away from people. Keep them at arms length. All that changed with you when I became invisible to you. When I was the secondary friend. I need to get to know myself real well because we’ll be spending lots of time together.

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eh heh heh heh. 

hahahaha this makes me giggle. its so dumb. 

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